Tough Girl Challenges Podcast: Alex Mason – thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and planning her next BIG challenge (rowing 2 Oceans)!

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Matt’s joined by paramedic Rachel Hearn who tells us about an upcoming attempt to row across the Indian Ocean to raise £100,000 for Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD charities.

Sailing Uncovered Podcast: Episode 27 – Voyages of Discovery

Meet the sailors turned rowers crossing the Indian and Atlantic oceans to research Parkinson’s and PTSD

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History making rower who beat the seas now sets sights on the ocean

Australia to Africa rowing challenge for King’s Lynn paramedic

A King’s Lynn paramedic is part of a crew who will row over the Indian Ocean from Australia to Africa.

Hiking-thru Podcast: Episode #34 Puff Puff aka Alex Mason

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Ex-firefighter suffered PTSD after cradling five-year-old boy as he died in a car crash

Team of Britons to row unsupported across Atlantic and Indian Oceans in £100k charity mission

Zhik team up with the Brain Waves challenge