Join the 100 club

Our aim is to raise £100,000 for our charity partners during the row. To make that happen we need to raise £82,000 to cover the cost of the challenge. We are inviting friends and family to become part of the 100 club by donating £100 to help us get to the start.

All donations contribute directly towards the cost of getting the crew to the start line. All money raised above this cost will be split between our charity partners.

Member benefits

1. Your name on our boat

2. You will be sent a Brain Waves goodie pack

3. Your name on our website (if you want it on there)

4. We will ask all 100 club members to write us a letter / postcard / story / draw us a picture (whatever you want to do) which we will open on the boat and share on social media

What your money buys

£9 = 1 minute of live video feed to schools
£45 = food for 1 person for 1 day
£80 = First aid at sea course
£125 = Sea survival course for 1 person
£125 = Handheld VHF Radio
£200 = Personal locator beacon
£225 = 1 life jacket
£295 = 1 Immersion survival suit
£500 = EPIRB
£750 = pair of oars
£800 = manually operated desalinator (watermaker)
£850 = medical pack
£875 = satellite phone
£900 = 1 set of wet weather gear
£1200 = 4 man life raft

Do I have to donate £100?


As an individual we realise £100 is a lot to ask for, and we would be grateful for any any amount you are able to give, every little helps. Equally, if you would like to give more that £100 we would be happy to take that off your hands too!

If you are a small business looking to make a donation why not join our £250 club?

Our supporters

Good luck from the Cooper-Berries

Luke Cooper-Berry

I wish Rachel, her friends and comrades all the very best in your upcoming exciting but dangerous adventure. I wish you all the very best with calm seas and fine weather. I will pray for your well being and safe arrival.

Kenneth Styles

A massive good luck to all the amazing members of the Brain Waves crew on your awesome challenge. Look after Alex (as you’ve pointed out, she’s only small and easily misplaced. Please don’t lose her!).😊You’re all mad, but equally awesome. GOOD LUCK 🍀

Sandra and Philip

Good luck to the Brain Waves team can’t wait to follow you on your amazing adventure!

Ryan O’Keefe

Good luck to Monkey Fist Adventures and the crew of the Brain Waves challenge from Wanda’s Warriors at Wanda’s Effective Fitness, Lanzarote. “Fridge pickers wear big knickers, those who stay strong wear a thong “ 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 😊 Find your mantra and stay strong guys. Safe journey from all of us. GOOD LUCK 🍀

Wanda’s Warriors

People like yourselves have crazy ideas/schemes to help others and then put incredible strain on yourselves physically, emotionally and mentally to achieve these ideas. Rowing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Phenomenal and inspirational human beings.

Stuart Haskell

Good luck and safe journey to all the crew. Hang onto your hats and don’t let go of those oars!

Roger and Julia Yaxley

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Philip Mason
Lee Roger
Sarah Banks
Luke Cooper-Berry
Lucinda Pickersgill
Eleanor Forbes

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Shirley Parker

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